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Stressed plants do not always emit visible signals to the human eye. A radiography of the field with sensors shows what man can not see.


Drones are changing the agricultural techniques making the human approach to agriculture smarter, more ecological and less expensive.


Specific agronomical operations allow farms to grow more responsibly towards Nature, maximizing crop yield and minimizing consumption

Precision Farming

Quick operations, accuracy of information


Maximizing crop yield

Cost reduction

Time reduction

Crop-cycle monitoring

Water stress assessment

Optimization of pesticides


Optimization of fertilizers

Reduction of spatial variability

Reduction of enviromental impact

Possibility of targeted operations

Growth trend identification

Product quality improvement


Aerial shots planning

Data acquisition

Data calibration

Vigor maps generation


Analysis of results

Field scouting

Field operations planning

Operation report

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One solution for all your requests

Precision Farming

Aerial shots with multispectral cameras and analysis of vegetation indices (NDVI, GNDVI, SAVI, VARI)

Vigor Maps Generation

Send us your multispectral photos and we will make for you the vigor maps processing and the agronomic evaluations

Aerial Photo and Video

Promote your business with exciting aerial photos and ULTRA HD 4K videos

Aerial shots

Aerial shots, georeferenced photogrammetric surveys, orthophotos and 3D models generation

Free flights possible to discuss specific problems and results
Finding and resolving problems in collaboration with our agronomists
Possible discount to group of professionists, agronomists and agricultural societies

Agriculture Lesson

Precision Farming: Pros

Multispectral Sensors

Mapping and Post-Processing

NDVI Maps Generation

Prescription Maps Generation

Agricultural Suite

Multispectral Aerial Photos

Results Calibration

Orthomosaic Generation

NDVI Vegetative Vigor Map

Prescription Map

Promotion Suite

ULTRA HD 4K Aerial Videos

Aerial Photos

Video Editing

Music Editing

Brochure Creation

Our services can be carried out in non-critical areas meeting the ENAC regulations and have the priority of the maximum safety.
It will be always necessary a site inspection before making flight operations in order to determine possible risks to people and buldings.
In the table below, extracted from the list of the UAV Operators statements for non-critical specialized operations (visible on the ENAC website), you can see our statement with its activation day.
If someone is operating with a UAV and is not in this list, he or she is outlaw.
Pay attention to who provides you services and always ask for pilot license, ENAC declaration and insurance.


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We bring technology into the fields


Chi Siamo

Un Ingegnere, Un Agronomo

Simone Kartsiotis is an aeronautical engineer with a strong passion for nature and photography who decided to use his knowledge for a precision farming project, using unmanned aircrafts (uav), better known as drones.
He got the drone license and ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) acknowledgment as drone operator in non-critical areas.
Niccolò Bartoloni is an agronomist with lots of technical experiences as he has worked for some of the most important italian wine companies. He wants to bring the agriculture 4.0 into the fields for a better and enviroment-friendly farm management.

Simone and Niccolò are always looking for new technologies to improve the quality of products offered, with an eye to saving money and one to reducing the human environmental impact.
For this reason, they continue to study precision agriculture methodologies and how to apply them since the future of farming will necessarily go through a technological step, which has already begun but that is now available for everyone thanks to the drones and increasingly accurate and reliable sensors. DroneBee project comes from the term "drone" and "bee", which is an important biological indicator of environmental quality.
Use the drone as an environmental and agricultural monitoring indicator to guide agronomical choices is the main purpose of the project.


Short articles to stay up to date with techniques and laws


Precision Farming

Drones are changing the agricultural techniques, making smarter, ecological and cheaper man's approach to the environment...


Precision Viticulture

The automation of lots of vineyards operations (fertilization, distribution of pesticides, peeling, harvesting) is more and more present. What we need to improve...


Enac Regulations

In Italy, the drone legislation was developed by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (Regulations "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles"). It aims to establish adequate rules...


What could drones do for your business?

The AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) estimates that the US drone industry will have a value of $82...


DroneBee Operation Report

From the collaboration between DroneBee and expert agronomists, the Scouting Report has been created as a foundamental piece for the database of the agricultural company...


Reflectance and Multispectral Sensors

There is often a certain confusion within what the multispectral sensors actually register and which is the real need for the agronomist to evaluate the stress...


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